Baby Bachelor: Episode 2


First came The Bachelor, then The Bachelorette, and now… The Baby Bachelor!

Meet Wesley. He’s handsome, good at sharing his toys and emotionally available, but struggles in the romance department. In fact, the toddler has been single for the past three years.

But all that’s about to change, thanks to his Uncle Jimmy. In this hilarious new spook, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel sets out to help his young nephew find love among the stroller set.

On the exciting premiere, Wesley met the girls who want to win his heart. [Check out the full recap here.]

This week, the ladies go on a group date, and Eva shares a shocking secret about one of the other girls. Avi pushes too hard by telling Wesley that she thinks she loves him and Jessie makes it clear that she thinks she’s “better than the other girls.”

In a shocking twist, five girls missed the toy dinosaur ceremony due to naptime. With four contestants remaining, and only two dinosaurs – Wesley had to make a hard choice.

Who will go to the finale? Watch to find out!



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