Baby Bachelor: Episode 3


First came The Bachelor, then The Bachelorette, and now… The Baby Bachelor!

Meet Wesley. He’s handsome, good at sharing his toys and emotionally available, but struggles in the romance department. In fact, the toddler has been single for the past three years.

But all that’s about to change, thanks to his Uncle Jimmy. In this hilarious new spook, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel sets out to help his young nephew find love among the stroller set.

On Episode 1, Wesley met the girls who wanted to win his heart. On Episode 2, we watched an exciting elimination round. 

So what happened this week? 

With only two ladies remaining, Wesley wanted a chance to get to know more about them.

First he treated Gabrielle to a candlelight dinner of Lunchables and whole milk. While they were eating, she dropped a major bombshell that might just be too much for him to handle.

Next, Wesley romanced Jessie with a trip to the fantasy ball pit. It seems like these two are really falling for each other, but will he offer her his final toy dinosaur?

Looks like we’ll have to tune in next week to find out!





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