NBA Player Had Abortion Contract With Ex-Girlfriend


Today in horrible news, a so-called “abortion contract” between NBA player J.J. Redick and his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez has surfaced.

The bizarre legal document was drawn up in 2007 by lawyers representing then 22-year-old Redick, who was playing for the Orlando Magic at the time.

The basketball player entered into the agreement with Lopez, a model who was allegedly pregnant with his child.

According to the contract, which is published in full on MediaTakeOut, Lopez agreed to have an abortion on the condition that Redick would maintain a relationship (“a social and/or dating relationship between themselves”) for at least one year. She also agreed to provide medical proof that the abortion took place.

And just in case Redick couldn’t make things work with the woman he was legally binding himself to, he reserved the right to pay her $25,000 in compensation and walk away, “relieved of any obligation to Lopez.”

That’s some real classy stuff.

Despite the existence of this contract, Redick and Lopez proceeded to have a very messy breakup.  In September 2007, she reported that she was “afraid for her life” due to threatening calls and texts from David Redick, J.J.’s brother.

Lopez went on to file an unsuccessful lawsuit against Shaquille O’Neal, claiming he harassed her after the end of their extramarital affair.  Redick currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers.

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