The New In-Style Clothes for Teen Boys


For teenagers, rocking the latest fashion is unbelievably important. To create the rep that your teen boy desires, he will likely need to don just the right, peer-approved garb. While it may seem that teen boys simply roll out of bed and scurry their way off to school, in truth, many teen boys do stay abreast of the latest fashion trends to ensure that they don’t get pegged as a fashion loser.

Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic T-shirts are a staple of any teen boy’s wardrobe. Teens can select from a plethora of T-shirts, each emblazoned with a memorable or catchy phrase or picture. From a funny joke to a topical pop-culture reference, many of these T-shirts allow the wearer not only to cover his torso but also to express his interests and personality.


Hoodies are a convenient and comfortable clothing type, commonly favored by teen boys. From the zip-up hoodie to the pull-over type with a front pocket, there are an array of different hoodie options from which teen boys can select.

Knee-Length Shorts

A favorite warm weather garment for many teen boys in the knee-length short. These shorts allow the teen to chill his calves in a cool, laid back fashion. Many teens opt for khaki or plaid shorts to pair with their T-shirts or hoodies to finish out their outfit.

Worn Jeans

When it comes to cooler weather wear, worn jeans can’t be beat. Teen boys commonly seek jeans that look like they have been put through the ringer instead of the crisp, new denim options. Jeans with holes, patches or worn spots are all the rage among teen boys.

Board Shorts

The swimwear of choice for most teen boys is the board short. These bathing suit bottoms traditionally feature bold, often tropical, patterns and sit just at the knee. Board shorts are a versatile clothing choice, because your teen boy can stay comfortable whether catching a wave, going after a volleyball or just chilling in the sand.

Good-for-Everything Sneakers

Many teen boys cannot be separated from their trusty sneakers. Sneakers allow teens the mobility and comfort that they often desire in a shoe. Most teens opt for a high dollar pair of kicks, but lesser-expensive mock brands also prove popular to teens who lack the capital to shell out big bucks for a pair of shoes.

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