Back-to-School Hairstyles for Teens


Back to school can seem like a fashion show, as teens select the perfect first-day outfit, makeup and hair. Send your teen back to school with a hairstyle that’s sure to make her feel confident and trendy. Have your teen bring pictures of his ideal hairstyle along to the salon appointment so that the stylist gets a clear idea of the look your teen wants to achieve.

Playful Ponytail

A basic ponytail is always a stylish option, and it’s a quick and simple hairstyle your teen can create at home. Worn high or low, ponytails can be curly or straight. Use colorful elastics to hold the hair in place, or opt for decorative hair barrettes. Start by moistening the hair with water, and then use a paddle brush to smooth the hair into a care-free ponytail that will take your teen from her first class to her after-school study sessions. Your teen can also try putting the top of her hair up in a ponytail and leaving the back loose and flowing.

Sleek Bun

If your teen is looking for a timeless, sophisticated look for her first day back to school, suggest a bun. Your teen can create a bun style using hair pins, elastics and a brush. Similar to ponytails, buns can be worn high or low to achieve different looks. For an unconventional bun, style it to the side, add chopsticks or use a flower to add flair to the hairdo.

Bouncy Bob

Youthful and stylish, a sleek, straight bob hairstyle can give your teen a fresh look for back to school. Styled to frame the face and highlight features, bob hairstyles are ideal for short and medium-length hair. For an edgy look, the stylist can add layers to give their hair depth and dimension or bangs.

Buzz Cut

A low-maintenance cut popular among teen guys is commonly referred to as the “buzz cut.” It’s a short haircut that allows teens to wake up and start their morning school routines without leaving the house with a “bed head” (and leaving moms horrified). Ask Men, a lifestyle website for men, calls the buzz cut a timeless style.

Long on Top

For a teen guy who wants to try different styles with his hair, a cut that features long hair on top, surrounded by shorter lengths on the sides, is ideal. This type of cut provides variety and allows for styling a look for school and a different look for a date night.

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