List of Toxic-Free Cosmetics


A growing number of beauty-care companies have vowed not to use toxins or greatly reduce the amount of potentially toxic ingredients in their cosmetics and other beauty products, according to the Living Toxin Free website. Some moms may want to reduce their potential risk of cancer or birth defects in their future children by using toxic-free makeup; fortunately, women have a number of choices in the world of eco-friendly makeup.

A Wild Soap Bar

The brand A Wild Soap Bar uses only natural ingredients, according to the manufacturer’s website. Living Toxin Free highlights this brand as one of its top choices in the world of toxic-free cosmetics. Women can select from a variety of natural soaps for their daily facial care routine as well as general hygiene and body care; scents available include those derived from the Texas state flower the bluebonnet, sunflowers, yucca roots and wild roses. Moms and kids with allergies alike might enjoy the honey-oat fragrance-free soaps offered in this product line. Several varieties of handmade soap bars can be purchased online or at some organic or natural food stores.

Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics, another recommendation from Living Toxin Free, offers a number of all-natural cosmetics, according to the manufacturer’s website. Makeup products range from Silken Earth powders and blushes to organic lip color. Moms wanting to avoid potentially dangerous ingredients in their daily routine might consider Calendula Blossom Natural Deodorant Spray for their own use, E Plus High C Roll-On Deodorant for any adolescents living in the house and Men’s Stock Natural Dry Herbal Pine Deodorant for that special man. Even Fifi or Fido can enjoy the potential safety of toxic-free cosmetics; Aubrey Organics offers a complete line of 100 percent natural pet-care products including shampoo and grooming spray.


NovAurora is another toxin-free option that offers a range of choices for the entire family, including any furry friends. The manufacturer’s website notes that all NovAurora products are entirely natural, toxin-free and not animal-tested. Moms looking for a special and possibly health-protecting treat might want a face-care travel set or the soap-free cleanser with jojoba beads. Babies can also enjoy basking in their own special line while their moms bathe them; options range from natural sea sponges to jojoba oil.



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