Back-to-School Hairstyles for Girls


Heading back to school looking great is a goal for many girls. If your daughter wants to turn heads as she walks through the hallway on her first day, she should consider a new hairstyle. A fresh look for her locks may be just the confidence boost she needs to start the year off on a positive note. By giving her hair a little bit of attention and TLC leading up to the first day of school, you can make sure that the first impression she gives to her new teachers and classmates is a positive one.

Laid-Back Tousled Waves

Create a soft frame of hair to highlight a beautiful face with tousled waves. Get up a little bit early before the big back-to-school day, and help your daughter wrap her long locks around thick hot rollers. Leave these curlers in while she packs her book bag, chows down on some breakfast and gets dressed in her back-to-school clothes. When you take the curlers out, her new soft curls will fall into her shoulders, giving her a pleasingly put-together look. Use a bit of hair spray to ensure that the desired look stays with her all day.

Pert French Braid

Give your daughter a scholarly and ready-to-learn look with a classic french braid. Spend some quality time the morning of the first day of school crafting this braid. Run the braid straight down the center of her head for a traditional look, or place it off center for a modern twist to this classic style. To make the look even more youthful, consider french-braided pigtails.

Perfect Pony

A ponytail makes your kiddo look sporty and ensures that her hair stays out of her eyes as she diligently pours over her newly acquired school books. Pull your daughter’s hair back into a standard ponytail, or part her hair and retain this crisp central line while you pull her locks into a more elegant lower pony. Use a hair clip or ribbon to add flair to the look and make the style look even more carefully completed.

Layered Look

Add some volume to a drab do before your child heads back to school. If her hair all lays at the same length, add in some layers to update the do. Regardless of how long the hair is, layers can create volume and movement and give a fresh and updated look. Visit your stylist and inquire about layers for your daughter’s tresses. The stylist can help craft the perfect, easy-to-fix, back-to-school do.

Pixie Cut

If your creative child wants to really stand out, she should consider a pixie cut. Pixie cuts are short and lay close to the head. These dos have been around for ages but are worn by only the most cutting-edge and confident hair divas. If your child delights in the different and really wants to get some attention when she hit the halls, chop off her locks and go with a pixie cut for back to school.

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