How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Hands


Age spots, also called liver spots, appear as brown patches on the skin. These can occur anywhere on the body but mainly affect areas frequently exposed to the sun, such as your hands and your face. These small, brown patches of skin can make your hands appear older than their actual age. You can minimize the appearance of these unattractive patches and discourage new ones from forming by incorporating some skin care techniques into your health and beauty routine.

Step 1

Apply a layer of sunscreen to the backs of your hands before you leave your house. Make it a habit to use sunscreen products every time you go outdoors. Reapply these products if your hands get wet or when you remain in the sun for long stretches of time.

Step 2

Purchase a fade cream that contains hydroquinone, glycolic acid or deoxyarbutin. Although you must get a prescription for stronger formulas, over-the-counter preparations can reduce the appearance of your brown spots over time. Apply your fade cream to your clean, dry hands, following the application instructions included with your product.

Step 3

Use an anti-aging hand cream or lotion in place of your usual hand softener. Like anti-aging facial preparations, these creams contain ingredients that hasten the renewal of skin cells, revealing a smoother, brighter skin tone. Allow your hand cream to remain on your skin overnight by applying thin cotton or latex gloves over the cream before bedtime.

Step 4

Visit your local skin care clinic to purchase an intensive treatment, such as a light chemical peel or a microdermabrasion product. Although milder than your dermatologist’s treatment, these products can improve the appearance of your hands.


  • Consult your doctor to make sure that your brown spots are just age spots and not something more serious. Precancerous lesions may appear similar in appearance to age spots and require prompt medical treatment.

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