Cuteness Overload: Corgis Make Everything Better


This morning did not start out well for me.

I woke up late, I forgot to stick my laptop in my bag, I tripped – hard, like fell to the ground – on the way to my car and ripped a hole in my favorite jeans.

And then I saw a corgi. 

Let’s talk about corgis for a minute. Whether it’s because of their oversized ears or their comically stumpy legs, it’s almost impossible not to smile when you see one. Seriously. Just try having a bad day with one of these little fellows around.

Which leads me to my point: Corgis make everything better.

“But that’s just your opinion,” you might argue. “An adorable puppy can’t make EVERYTHING better.”

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

And in order to prove this objectively true fact, I’ve put together a list of ordinary, everyday things that are dramatically improved by the addition of corgis:

1. Running on a treadmill

2. Spoons

3. Swings

4. Looking in the mirror

5. Costume parties

You’re welcome. 



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