Fun Beach Games for Kids


You may have planned a while for your summer beach vacation. When you get there, it is just as exciting for the kids as you hoped, the first day or two, that is. After awhile, your children may want to come out of the water. That’s when you can pull out your arsenal of fun beach games for the kids.

Dancing and Flexibility

Something about sand makes some games more fun. Limbo is one of them. All you really need is a stick. You can even find inflatable ones that are easy to pack. You can play some music, too, to set the mood. See how low your kids can go, and have a good time along with them. They can show you just how flexible they are when they bend backward under the limbo stick.

Sense of Accomplishment

Most kids love a good adventure. The beach is a good place to have a scavenger hunt. Have your children look for rocks, different colored shells, feathers and wood. Not only will they gain a sense of accomplishment when they find the particular object, they will be exploring the natural world, according to the Scavenger Hunt Guru website.

Fun with Mom and Dad

Kite flying is one of the all-time great beach activities, according to the Tips for the Beach website. The best wind is a medium one. You can make your kite dance by controlling the line. As long as you have enough open space and are away from power lines, you can have some great fun flying kites with your kids.

Making Jewelry

Collecting seashells is a standard beach activity. You can make it memorable by bringing some cords for necklaces or key chains. After your children find their treasures, they can make some lovely jewelry to wear during the rest of the vacation.

Old Classics

The old classic beach games may have been around for a long time, but they never seem to get old. Kids love to bury each other in the sand, build sand castles, dig with shovels in the sand and play with their toy cars along the sandcastle road they built. Sometimes, you just need to let your kids’ imaginations take over.



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