1st Birthday Party Ideas for Twins


Planning your twins’ first birthday party isn’t much different than any other first birthday party, except there are two babies to celebrate. Two 1-year-olds are a bit more demanding, as each child has her own personality and preferences, so find something in the middle to keep them both happy. Keep things simple for yourself so that you can enjoy this milestone event with each child.


Determine the location of the party and your guest list, according to your twins’ personalities. If they are uncomfortable in new places, host the party at home or at a relative’s house where they are comfortable. Use pre-printed invitations or make your own and use images and words that convey it’s a birthday party for twins. For example, you might use, “Join us for some fun, because we’re turning 1!” Use a picture of the twins or an image that relates to the party theme.


Many themes are possible for your twins’ first birthday party. Use twin-specific themes, or a general theme that can umbrella two more specific themes so that each twin has something special. For example, “double trouble,” peas in a pod, Noah’s ark or “twice as nice” are twin-specific themes. If you’d prefer to give each twin his own theme, use a garden theme and assign each baby a bug or flower. Spider Man and Batman can add specific themes within a superhero or comic book theme. Mermaids and pirates work with an ocean or underwater theme for a boy and girl. Animal themes, such as farm, jungle or circus themes, can work as each child can have his own animal. Simple themes, such as stripes, polka dots or color schemes, are simple and also allow for distinction between the babies.


Your twins and other toddlers can participate in a few simple games, such as small races or obstacle courses or bean bag tosses. Adults and older children can enjoy games focuses on teamwork, such as mirroring each other, three-legged races or sack races. Set up toys, books and a comfortable area for your twins and other little ones to enjoy free play as the adults play games. For example, make a list of 10 to 20 interesting things one of your twins has done, such as getting into your DVD collection and taking all the discs out of their cases. Ask guests to guess which twin was the culprit and award a prize to the one who gets the most right.


Create decorations or crafts that can become keepsakes for you, your twins and, possibly, your guests. Make a separate birthday banner for each twin and ask guests to sign the banner or write their birthday wishes for that twin. You and your children may enjoy looking at the banners when they turn 18 or begin having children of their own. Another idea is to take a picture of each guest holding each baby to create a scrapbook. Ask the guest to write a note on her scrapbook page and decorate it in any fashion she wants.


Consider your babies’ individuality throughout the planning and party. It’s OK to celebrate their birthday together, especially their first, but try to do something to make it special for each baby. For example, if you prefer to dress your twins alike, consider two different colors to make it easier for guests to tell them apart and to give them a sense of individuality as well. Take pictures of the twins together and apart for the same reason. Consider two individual cakes or cupcakes so each baby can blow out her own candle.

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