Medium Hair Styles for Teen Girls


A teen girl who has medium hair length can experiment with different hairstyles that will work on any type of occasion, without having to deal with the high maintenance of longer hair. In addition, unlike short hair, medium length hair works on different shapes of face, which is why it is a more common option of hairstyle for both adult women and teen girls alike.

Shoulder-Length Precision Bob

A shoulder-length precision bob is ideal for a teen girl with a straight and soft- textured medium length hair. This hairstyle, a derivative of a classic bob cut, gives emphasis on the bangs and hair on two sides of the face. In 2008, actress Jessica Lowndes, who was 19 years old at the time, sported this type of hairstyle which gave her a glamorous and sophisticated look.

Style the bangs from the front middle section of hair into a fringe that covers the forehead completely, allowing it to run straight along the top of the eyebrows. Then, let the two sections of hair that flank the face drop smoothly to the shoulders, allowing them to curve in toward the throat. The look is symmetrical with the two sections cut in same length. Use a flat iron to straighten and to tame frizzes that will result in a sleeker, more chic look.

Wavy Layered Bob

In 2002, then-teen actress Elisha Cuthbert sported a medium-length, wavy, layered bob hairstyle. She parted her hair on the side, sweeping it across her forehead. Adding subtle highlights on her blond hair made the look more stunning.

Curling or waving hair can add some pizazz to a regular straight hairstyle; it can also add volume and texture. Use a 1-to-2 inch curling iron to make every 2-inch section of hair wavy. Avoid adding too much wave on the crown part so that it is not too voluminous on that area. Finish off with a styling mousse and tousle hair with fingers.

Flipped Out Hairstyle

In the 1960s, flip hairstyles replaced the big, poufy hairstyles, such as the beehive and bouffant, to offer a simpler approach to hairstyling. Since then, and the better part of the 1970s, flip hairstyles made waves with actress Farrah Fawcett reinventing it with her long locks. For three decades, the popularity of flip hairstyles slowly diminished in favor of punk and straight hairstyles. Flip hairstyles, however, have returned with a vengeance. It comes with a simpler style that is not as fluffy as Farrah’s version. Teen girls love this version because the look is both fun and flirty.

Create flipped-out medium hairstyle by using rollers, round brush, curling iron or flat iron. The goal is to flip out the ends. Therefore, you will wind the hair to the opposite (outward) direction. Opt to flip out all the hair ends or just flip out the side-swept bangs to achieve the desired look. Add firm-hold hairspray so that the flip lasts.

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