Fun Activities for a 2-Year-Old’s Birthday Party


Most parents agree that time flies once you have children. While it may seem like just yesterday you were celebrating the birth of your child, the reality is that now your walking, talking toddler is about to turn 2. As you plan her birthday celebration, be sure to include fun activities for the children to enjoy. Age-appropriate activities will keep the children entertained and minimize chaos at the big event.

Puppet Shows

A puppet show is a fun activity to have at a 2-year-old’s birthday party. Experienced puppeteers who specialize in children’s performances can provide wonderful entertainment for 2-year-olds. In addition to knowing how to keep the children’s attention by providing an age-appropriate and enjoyable show, most of the shows geared toward 2-year-olds are interactive. During an interactive show, the children take part in the performance by holding puppets and props and by assisting the puppeteer when needed. Many puppeteers that are experienced with young children will host shows at libraries. Your local children’s librarian and local parents; newspaper are good resources for locating a kid-friendly puppeteer.

Arts and Crafts

Toddlers love doing anything that is hands-on, so offering an arts and crafts project at your 2-year-old’s birthday is sure to provide lots of fun. Consider the theme of your child’s party and choose an age-appropriate craft that goes along with the theme for them to do. If you are hosting a character-themed party, for example, you may wish to provide coloring pages that have the character on them. If you are hosting a party with a princess theme, consider having the girls decorate their own crowns. If you are having a construction theme, have the children make a paper tool belt or glue pieces of wood together.

Bounce Houses

If you are having your 2-year-old’s birthday party outdoors, renting a bounce house can be an option. Bounce houses come in many shapes and themes; some are even specifically designed for toddlers. Bounce houses are shaped like castles, carnival houses, doll houses, monster trucks and more. You can even choose bounce houses that have slides or obstacle courses built-in. When you are considering renting a bounce house for your 2-year-old’s birthday party, be sure to communicate to the rental company the age of the children the bounce house is for so that they can help you choose an age-appropriate bounce house that is safe for your party guests.

Sundae Station

It is no secret that most toddlers love ice cream. Consider having an ice cream sundae station and allowing the party guests to make their own sundaes. Put out an assortment of goodies, like colored sprinkles, crushed pineapple, chocolate candies and other toppings that your child enjoys. If you are thinking about serving nuts, you’ll want to consult with the parents prior to the party to be sure no one has a nut allergy.


A group of 2-year-olds gathered together can make for a really good time or a really bad time. Two-year-olds thrive on structure and having a specific activity for the guests to do can help prevent chaos at the big event. A fun activity will allow the children to enjoy the party in a controlled environment and keep the children occupied and entertained. When there is no activity for the children to do, there’s a greater chance that they will simply run around wild and that someone will end up getting hurt.

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