How to Guess a Baby’s Sex


Long before the advent of ultrasound technology, moms eager to determine what sex their new baby would be devised systems of signs that purportedly indicated the gender of the unborn tot. Today, moms-to-be can turn to science for a more foolproof means of gender prediction; however, many moms still delight in trying some of these old-school gender-prediction methods. If you are curious as to what you are going to have, try some of these home-spun prediction methods and see which gender comes out on top.

Step 1

Try the wedding ring test. One of the most widely reported old-fashioned baby-sexing tasks is the wedding ring test. To perform this test, take your wedding ring off your hand and suspend it from a string over your growing belly. If the ring moves in a circle, you are having a boy. If it moves from side to side, hello baby girl.

Step 2

Check out the heart rate. Legend has it that if your baby’s heart rate is sluggish and stays primarily below 140 beats per minute, it’s a boy. If the heartbeat races well over 140, you have a little girl a cookin’.

Step 3

Think about what you are craving. Many contend that women pregnant with boys crave protein-rich foods such as meat. According to this argument, women want sweet foods such as cookies and fruits if they are producing a sweet little girl.

Step 4

Look at your belly in the mirror. If your tummy looks like you stuffed a basketball up your shirt, it may be filled with a baby boy. If, instead, it looks like you swallowed a watermelon, a little girl is on the way.

Step 5

Take a peek at your pee. If your urine is bright yellow, you are pregnant with a boy, according to some. If your urine is pale yellow, get ready to say hello to your little girl.

Step 6

Pay attention to your hubby’s waistline. According to some, if dad gains weight during your pregnancy you should paint the nursery blue as it will soon house a baby boy. If dad stays svelte, pick up some pink paint.

Step 7

Consider how often you are shaving your legs. Some report that women who are pregnant with a baby boy grow leg hair at a more rapid rate than those expecting a petite princess.

Step 8

Think about what you do with your bread heels. An old wives’ tale contends that moms who are pregnant with girls refuse to eat these dry bread parts while moms brewing boys are less picky.

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