Super Cute Layered Hairstyles


Layers can add depth and visual appeal to make hairstyles more interesting. When it comes to creating super cute hairstyles, layering can add more fun and flair. Super cute layered hairstyles are a far cry from the usual layered cuts that you see. They are blunter, choppier and edgier in appearance. Try one for yourself to make a cuter you.

Razor Cut Layers

A razor can add edgy and blunt edges to a hairstyle more than the usual hair clippers. It can create heavy layers, especially if you have coarse or thick hair. Use a razor to thin the back, sides and lower tresses of your hair to give it a blunt texture. Create asymmetric and chopped-up layers by creating layers in different angles and lengths. For example, make the left side longer than the right side, or alternate sections with short and long. Add spikes to give your razor cut more sharpness. Go very short or keep your hair length, but go thinner below.

With the razor cut, layers need not have any rhyme or reason. Apply layers wherever it suits your fancy. This hairstyle is ideal for summer to help ease your styling rituals. Styling is a breeze with just a dab of gel or mousse and a blow-dry.

Layered Bob Hairstyles

Mimic the super cute looks of celebrities, such as Rihanna, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Jenny McCarthy, by adding pizazz to a classic bob hairstyle. To create the look, keep the length of your bob cut at chin level. Creating asymmetric blunt layers to the fringe, top, back and sides will give the sleek bob a little bit of edginess. Make the top a little spiky by sharpening the layers, using pinking shears and adding gel or styling mousse to lift them up. Tousle the rest of your hair with styling mousse and pull it through your hair with your fingers. Using a 2-inch barrel curling iron, reverse the curl to go outward not inward, which will result in beautiful flyaways.

Medium Choppy Layered Hairstyle

If you have medium- or shoulder-length hair, a choppy layered look is your best bet. You can approach this style in extremes if you like to. Go wild on chops by creating layers all over your hair. You could also be more conservative by creating layers that will create a V-shape from the bangs down to the middle back section of your tresses. Create soft layers by using a 2-inch barrel curling iron to give your hair a wavy look. Style your hair with mousse while blow drying.

Long Sleek Layers

Even with long hair, you can manage to create super cute layers. The long sleek layer hairstyle is ideal for anyone who has smooth, thin and sleek hair. Keep your bangs straight and create matching length layers on each side. Layer the back to give it a U- or V-shape with symmetry on each side. Do not chop your entire hair so that there is less texture; however, keep the edges pointy or blunt with the use of pinking shears. Use a ceramic flat iron to make your hair straighter. Apply a hair serum to keep your hair shiny. Using a flat iron will also keep the frizzes at bay.

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