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Some companies claim that the real reason that you are not losing weight is that you have so many toxins built up in your body. While it’s true that we are bombarded with toxins every day–in the air we breathe and on the foods we eat–you are probably not losing weight because your calories in/calories out ratio is unbalanced.


Exact body cleanse programs vary, but in general, a body cleanse involves strictly limiting the types of foods you eat to only fruits, vegetables or juices. In some programs, you also have to take a supplement to be sure that you are getting proper nutrition. This may be in pill form or in a powder that you mix with water.


In a liquid cleanse, such as the Lemonade Diet or a juice fast, you are only allowed to drink water and juice. The juice that you drink should be 100 percent juice–if possible, it’s best to use a juicer to juice fresh fruits and vegetables. In other types of cleanses, you are free to eat raw fruits and vegetables. Certain products allow you to eat a moderate–but healthy–diet while taking cleansing pills that work toward cleansing your body.

Time Frame

A body cleanse can last anywhere from one day to several weeks, depending on the specific plan. Many programs have multiple levels–you may start by drinking only liquids for a certain number of days. You can then start to eat raw fruits and raw vegetables before moving on to a regular healthy diet that includes lean proteins and whole grains.


The rapid weight loss caused by most cleansing plans is mostly water weight. As you return to your normal eating style, you are likely to regain some or all of that weight back. Maintaining an eating plan that is rich in fruits and vegetables is better for you and your overall health..

Expert Insight

The Mayo Clinic states that there is no clinical evidence to support the effectiveness of body cleanse programs. Though people often report feeling better when they follow a cleansing diet, this could simply be a psychosomatic effect. Body cleanse programs are not sustainable over the long term, so the Mayo Clinic believes that it’s best to take a more moderate approach to weight loss, making lifestyle changes to adopt healthy behaviors. Consult your health care provider for her opinion.

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