Best Hairstyles for Thin, Fine Hair


Styling thin hair can be tricky; often, you can end up with a hairstyle that looks limp and unattractive. If you have thin, fine hair, your biggest challenge is finding the right hairstyle that will hold up well. The key is to find the right cut that uses the right tools to create the illusion of volume and movement. Choices are available for every length of hair.

Reverse Asymmetrical Bob

If you prefer a short hairstyle that is not too short, the reverse asymmetrical bob will work well for your thin hair. The asymmetrical bob keeps the front and side very short and the back much longer. Cut the bangs and sides down to chin level. Allow enough fringe that you can side-sweep over your forehead. Keep one side longer than the other to add the uneven look that makes asymmetric hairstyles famous. In addition, the back should be at shoulder-level or shorter up to the nape level.

Create flair ends by using a barrel brush as you blow-dry. You can also try using a small barrel curling iron to create the fly-aways. Brush or curl outward rather than inward to make the fly-aways more visible. Style your thin hair when it is dry to achieve best results. Dry hair holds and sets better than wet or damp hair. Apply mousse, and tousle your hair with your fingers. Let your fingers pull some of the hair outward as you apply the mousse. This will allow other areas to stand out and create the appearance of volume. Spraying with light-hold spray will hold the style well without being too stiff.

Short Crop Haircut

Go shorter with a short crop haircut. This hairstyle is ideal if you have an oval, round, heart or triangular face. A short crop is a choppy hairstyle that requires the use of a razor or clipper to create that edgy look. Add soft spikes by layering your hair on all areas. Keep the top area a little more spiky than the rest. Apply styling mousse or gel using your fingers. Work your fingers through the layers and spikes. Pull up the spikes and layers to allow them to spike up and stand out, which can give this hairstyle added volume and depth. Give it a messy look by shaking the top part of your hair with your fingers. This will make your hair seem thicker. Spray on light- to medium-hold spray to keep the spikes up.

Feathery Layers

Add feathery layers to your medium-length or long hair. Create layers of uneven lengths from the front to the back. Use clippers or pinking shears to create the layers. A V- or U-shaped back will make this hairstyle more interesting. Feathering your hair outward will give your layers a shaggy look to make it look like you have thick hair. Using a paddle or flat-backed brush to pull your hair to create flips along the sides and towards the back will create movement. Tousle your hair with mousse, and apply medium-hold spray to style.

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