Crazy Things to Do for a 40th Birthday Party


Whether you are having a midlife crisis or are embracing the certain sophistication that comes with a 40th birthday, choose something memorable to do on that significant day. By picking something exciting or crazy to do on your big day, you can set off into the rest of your life with style and pizazz.

Fellow Crazies

Enlist some friends to join you in the fun. Invite friends you have known for years, that have come through marriage, kids and other life moments with you. Siblings, parents, cousins and other family members are also great invitees if they can keep up with your energy. If you want a girls’ night out, you may choose not to include your spouse. You could make plans to meet up with him later, after the event.


You may chose a rather dangerous activity to get your adrenaline moving and your heart pumping. Sky diving, bungee jumping and wind surfing may give you the rush you are seeking. For something a little more sedated, you may want to take a hike in a local park, take surfing lessons or ski at a local mountain. Shopping sprees might also give you a certain excitement, with very little danger, except to your budget.

The Need For Speed

Put the minivan in the garage for the night and rent a sports car for your adventures. Some kind of convertible or fast car will put the wind in your hair and help you and your friends feel like kids again. If you don’t want to drive that day, rent a limousine.

Ditch The Kids

Now is not the time, necessarily, to be an example of proper and prim behavior. Have some dinner and cake with the kids before the party or outing. Settle them down with their babysitter, and make your way out. Let your hair down, without doing anything too foolish, knowing that your kids are safe at home.


If you are planning an adventure for you and your friends, you might like to put together a small favor to thank them for their willingness to join you. A package with a water bottle, some snacks, gum and other refreshments would be great for an active event. You can have pictures taken of the evening and give everyone a framed picture of the event with a thank you note for their friendship.

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