Herbs for Love Spells


Herbal love spells and love potions are nothing new. Ancient Egyptians used herbs to create aphrodisiacs, while ancient Indian texts mention using herbal tea to induce romantic feelings. Unlike essential oils, which hold highly concentrated botanical matter, many herbal love potions are safe to ingest or to apply liberally to yourself as well as the object of your desire. Traditional uses of herbal love potions and spells including attracting the attention of someone new, healing an argument with a lover, spicing up a platonic relationship or maintaining existing love. If you are already on medication of any sort, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor for possible problems.

Talismans and Potions

For herbal potions, lotions, oils, talismans and perfumes, you use the flowers, buds, petals, seeds, leaves, stems or twigs of various herbs, plants and flowers. Sometimes you boil, dry, burn or infuse the herbs. Typical herbs in love talismans and amulets include acacia, African violet, bay, jasmine, basil, columbine, saffron, fennel, dandelion, lavender, lemon and thyme. Love predictions and love readings feature plants and herbs, such as basil, goldenrod, daisy and rose.


Certain foods, including herbs, have the potential to spark arousal when people consume them in foods, drinks or potions. Herbs with aphrodisiac properties include the revitalizing ginseng, soothing vanilla bean and tongkat ali, known as “the Asian Viagra.” In Chinese folklore, the herb known as fo-ti or he shou wu helped an aged villager regain his youthful energy and sexual vitality.

Love Bath

For those seeking love, preparing an herbal love bath may help spark potential romance. Prepare this love potion with intent. Place herbs directly into your bath, or use soap, body wash or body oil infused with herbs. One recipe contains one part dill to two parts lovage and three parts rose petals. Another recipe combines chamomile flowers, lavender flowers and dried, crushed rosemary. You can simply soak in this mixture or add to the atmosphere with music, chants, candlelight or incense. As you soak, visualize yourself meeting a romantic, loving individual.

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