Do-It-Yourself Birthday Party Favors


Do-it-yourself party favors not only save you money, but they also customize your event. Bring a handmade element to a special occasion by creating favors that reflect the guest of honor’s interests or personality, or extend the theme of the birthday party. Your DIY birthday party favors may be only part of a larger handmade birthday celebration that includes funky decorations, top-your-own cupcakes and old-fashioned party games.


Some homemade party favors recreate the look of packaged favors by incorporating favorite cartoon characters or pop culture trends of the minute. Other party favors have a crafty element, featuring funky, mismatched trims and adornments. High-end handmade party favors showcase craftsmanship in sewing, knitting, beading and other artisan skills.


Handmade party favors give guests a memento of the event. Everyone may take home sachets of herbs and wildflowers from your garden or silly finger puppets crafted from old gloves. A pirate theme party may feature bandannas embroidered with designs, while a fairy party may feature sparkly wands or small jars of fairy dust made from metallic sequins and glitter.


One of the easier crowd pleasers with DIY party favors is homemade candy or customized candy. Purchase candy molds and candy melts for thematic, colorful candies. Wrap them in tissue paper or colored cellophane with bright ribbons. For a simpler candy-themed favor, carefully remove wrappers from candy bars and replace them with customized labels and images.


A key benefit in do-it-yourself birthday party favors involves your ability to incorporate the guest of honor’s name or image into the favor. Print out stickers or labels with photographs of the guest of honor and stick them onto the party favor bag or onto favors, such as wrapped lollipops or miniature bottles of bubbles.


Handmade party favors need not replicate packaged favors. In fact, favor bags may feature craft kits, art supplies or simple objects that guests create and decorate during the party. Set up a table with craft glue and various embellishments, and have guests decorate objects, such as bookmarks, blank books or wooden jewelry boxes. In addition, placing the objects in plain white party favor bags means that guests can decorate the bags with clip art, stickers, stamps or stencils.

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