Ideas for a Great 14th Birthday Party


A 14th birthday party requires some thoughtful planning. Encourage your child to make some of the key decisions for the event, including the guest list, the timing and the theme, but make sure the ideas meet with your budget and your approval. Teenage birthday parties often contain the same elements as those for younger children, including decorations, food, cake and activities, but the elements are less cartoon and more “cool,” often with pop culture references.


Celebrate a 14th birthday with perennial favorites, such as a slumber party or a pool party. An extreme sports party may take place at a paintball field, a rock climbing wall or a place with laser tag. Milder active themes include roller skating, ice skating, amusement parks, water parks, lake swimming or boating. Teen birthday parties may also reference pop culture or alternative culture with themes, such as skateboarding, surfing, rock music, dancing, theater, vampires, movies or fashion.


In most cases, you do not need ice breakers or organized games at teen parties. At a 14th birthday party, most teen enjoy talking, eating, doing sports or watching something, though more complicated games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, may appeal to some teenagers. The entertainment might consist of a simple stage for a talent competition, music for dancing, video cameras for shooting a film or a karaoke machine. Update the birthday cake by creating a tower of cupcakes in different flavors and colors. Guests can customize the cupcakes from a toppings bar with bowls of chocolates, marshmallows, toasted coconut, chopped nuts, fruit slices and whipped cream.


A 14th birthday party is often coed and typically supervised. You do not need to be in the room the whole time with the children, but make them aware of your presence and check in. If your teen invites a large number of people, you will need other adults to help you chaperone the event.

Time Frame

Most teen birthday parties last longer than those for younger children. A Hollywood-theme party may include a double feature film, a movie trivia contest, a red carpet fashion show or an Oscar award ceremony. A murder mystery party may unwind over a few hours with breaks for snacks and chatting.


Birthdays for 14-year-olds can provide lasting memories. Hand out disposable cameras to guests so they can take plenty of photographs during the event, or take digital photos that you can turn into an online scrapbook to email everyone later. Painted backdrops, costumes and makeup provide funky and fun photo opportunities. Ask everyone to sign a group card or banner for the guest of honor to keep as a memento.

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