Birthday Party Ideas for Teen Boys


Throw a teen boy a birthday party that won’t embarrass him, cost you a fortune or cause any trouble. Coming up with ideas for a party for a teenager can be tricky, since you don’t want to pick anything that he will deem too childish and you also don’t want to surrender the planning of the party to him completely. Ask your son what he wants, but make it clear that you will there to keep an eye on things.


While picking a theme for your son’s birthday party may seem like the easiest way to start planning the party, don’t be surprised if he decides that a themed party is too babyish. Think of your son’s birthday party as another step on his path to adulthood and give him plenty of say in the activities and decorations for his party. Suggest activities that encourage his independence without cutting the apron strings completely.


Pin the Tail on the Donkey may not make the cut for your teenager’s birthday party. Instead, he may want to have his party away from home, at an amusement park or rock concert. If your son likes movies, he may want to take his guests to see a film at the theater. Since bringing a group of 10 to the theater can get expensive, you may want to rent a projector and screen your son’s favorite DVD at the party. He may also want to keep things simple and have his friends play Frisbee in the backyard.


The party’s food can be simple, such as chips and dip, cookies and cake, or you can choose to invest in the food, especially if your son is turning into a gourmand. If he balks at a theme for the party, see if he’ll go with a theme, such as Thai or Tex-Mex, for the food. Make things fancier by hiring a caterer to set up a buffet and servers to walk around the party with appetizers.


The type of activities at the party depends a great deal on how large it is. Stick with a small group, no more than five guests, if you plan on going to an expensive activity, such as an amusement park. A small group will also reduce the chance of someone getting lost. A larger party will work if you are staying at home and letting the guests play outside or watch a movie.


Make your presence known at all times, but don’t be too invasive. You want the guests to behave and not do anything risky, such as try to drink alcohol, but you also do not want to be the parent who hovers over her son. If you normally keep alcohol in the house, consider stashing it out of sight for the party, so that it doesn’t become a cause for concern. Invite a friend over for the duration of the party to keep you company and help chaperon the event.

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