Easy & Fun Homemade Games for Kids


Make games with children to help them learn to think creatively and to encourage them to play and have fun. On a rainy day, you and your children can build your own board games or think of a new spin on a game of tag or other classic children’s games.


In some cases, all you need to make a game is a creative mind. Other games require physical materials, such as cardboard, small plastic objects for game pieces, glue, scissors and markers. You may be able to use items you already have around the house, such as shoe boxes, paper grocery bags or empty food containers. A plain deck of cards and some dice may also come in handy for homemade card or board games.

Indoor Games

All you need is a piece of cardboard and a marker to make a simple board game with a kid. Look to classic board games, such as Sorry! or Monopoly, for ideas when building a game or spend a few minutes brainstorming ideas with a child. If you are stumped for ideas, think of movies or books your kid likes or his favorite activity and create a game around that theme. You can also use a deck of cards to come up with homemade variations on classic games, or simply deal out the cards and make up the rules as you go.

Outdoor Games

Head outside and think of a game you and your kid can play only in your backyard. Incorporate specific landmarks or the local park if you don’t have a yard, into the game. You can also use recycled materials to make a simple catch game. Cut the bottom off two empty plastic milk jugs and decorate them. Use the jugs to toss and catch a rubber ball.


Tailor homemade games to a child’s specific needs. For instance, if your child needs help with motor skills, then a game of milk jug catch will work well. You may want to make a homemade Twister board by painting circles on an old, clean shower curtain to help a child learn to balance. Homemade memory games, mazes or reading games can help a child learn basic problem-solving and language skills.


Making homemade games will help you bond with your children. It may encourage you all to spend more time together. It will also boost their self esteem as they learn that they can come up with ideas for games that are as good, if not better, than the games they see in toy stores. If you are on a budget, homemade games are a great way to help children have fun without spending too much money.

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