Skin Care on a Budget


Contrary to the messages displayed on television advertisements, healthy skin doesn’t require a lot of money or time. Your skin, like the rest of your body, requires adequate nutrition and protection from harmful elements. Regardless of your income and wealth, your beauty and skin routine should include some basic procedures. A skin-care routine that fits your budget and your lifestyle can improve your appearance and may help boost your confidence, without depleting your wallet.

Protecting Your Skin

While your skin forms a protective barrier around your muscles and organs, it requires some protection of its own. One of the biggest threats to the health of your skin comes from the damaging rays of the sun. Sun exposure can cause age spots, freckles and wrinkles and increase your chances of developing skin cancer. Limit your sun exposure, especially during the middle of the day. Use a sunscreen every time you go outdoors, and reapply it every two hours or immediately after swimming or sweating.

Good Nutrition

The Mayo Clinic suggests that certain foods may help protect your skin. Antioxidant foods encourage healthy cellular activity and protect the skin against free radicals, elements that age and damage your cells. Eat foods that contain antioxidants, such as fish, nuts, tomatoes, spinach, blueberries and apricots. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

Unhealthy Habits

Limit the amount of alcohol you consume. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can damage the quality of your skin, leading to dry skin and wrinkles. Quitting smoking can also save you money, allowing you to put more funds in your skin-care budget. Reducing or managing the stress in your life can also improve the health and appearance of your skin, reducing acne breakouts.

Hygiene Considerations

Good cleansers don’t need to cost a lot of money. Use a mild cleanser to lather away the day’s accumulation of oils and pollution. Avoid strong soaps that can irritate your skin. Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of your cleanser. Gently pat your skin with a soft towel to remove any remaining moisture.

Moisturizing Treatments

Although these products can sell for a small fortune, little evidence exists to suggest expensive moisturizers perform better than inexpensive formulas. Use a small amount of moisturizer to make your skin feel supple, provide a base for your makeup and provide a light layer of protection over the surface of your skin.



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