Fun Recycling Games for Kids


Kids love to help, especially if there’s a game involved to keep them engaged and intrigued. Teach your kids the importance of protecting the environment by introducing them to recycling. Use fun games that will educate and entertain them at the same time.

What’s Recycling?

Fun recycling games should start with an explanation of what recycling is and why it’s important. Discussing the topic will give your child an opportunity to ask questions. Explain that recycling is a way to reuse items and protect the environment.


Recycling teaches children how they are connected to the world around them. Through recycling games, kids learn how their actions affect the world around them and how they can make decisions that contribute in a positive way. Children can gain a sense of pride an accomplishment by recycling, and they’ll be armed with knowledge they can pass along to their friends and family.

Games and Activities

Learning to recycle involves being able to identify which items are recyclable and which are not. As you teach your kids about recycling you’ll likely hear the question, “Can I recycle this?” Turn this into a game by creating a large pile of items that contain recyclable and nonrecyclable items. Let your child sort through the pile and identify which ones he can place in the recycling bin.

Incorporate physical activity into fun recycling games with your kids by holding a recycling relay race on your front lawn, backyard or driveway. Collect a bag of items including items such as newspapers, soda bottles, mixed paper and plastic containers. Line the kids up to race, hand them their piece of trash and have them race toward the recycling bin. The child who wins the race and correctly places his piece of trash in the right bin wins the game.

Schedule a neighborhood cleanup day with the children in your community. Create a poster that includes pictures of items kid should pick for recycling. The child who collects the most recyclable items wins the game. Parenting, an online site for families, suggests turning the bottles and cans in for money and giving that as a prize to the child who collects the most items.

Neighborhood Recycling Schedule

Maximize your child’s recycling experience by helping him to determine which days your neighborhood recycling gets picked up. Ask your child to give a you a reminder the day before recycling is collected.

Recycling Caution

Although recycling helps the environment and is a way to teach your child to respect the earth, there are precautions you need to take as you teach your child how to recycle. Some items such as bottles, jars, wood, chemicals and electronics are recyclable but can be dangerous if handled improperly by a child. Discuss with your child which items she’s allowed to help recycle and which ones she should save for an adult to handle.

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