Advice for Aquarians in Love


If you were born between Jan. 21 and Feb. 19, you fall under the sign of Aquarius. According to astrology, Aquarians tend to be incredibly intelligent people who look out for their fellow humans. As an Aquarian, you may notice that you often feel emotionally distant from people, which can get in the way when you go looking for love. Fortunately, Aquarians can be lucky in love, as long as they look for partners who fulfill certain qualities.

Look for Independent People

As an Aquarius, you need your space. A partner who constantly wants to be with you may make you feel suffocated. You’ll want to avoid people who are Cancers, or at least have Cancer-like traits, such as needing constant emotional reassurance, since you may not be able to provide that. You should also steer clear of a partner who has Leo-like, or jealous and possessive, tendencies, since he will only make you want to run away in the end.

Don’t Be Too Judgmental

Aquarians tend to want the world to be a perfect place. An Aquarian’s idealism can often get in the way of her having a happy and fulfilling love relationship. Should you fall in love, no matter the person’s sign, learn to let him off the hook every now and then. In order to succeed in a love relationship, you have to learn to let the little mistakes everyone makes slide.

Friends Vs. Lovers

Aquarians are friendly people, but don’t let your friendly nature get in the way of truly loving someone. Although you may be excited to explore your passions with a partner initially, after a while you as likely to fall into a pattern of behavior that more closely resembles friends that lovers. Look for a partner who will keep the spark alive in the bedroom and be ready to seek counseling if your relationship should fizzle into the friend zone.

Open Up

Being emotionally open and available can be difficult for anyone but seems to stymie those born under Aquarius most of all. If you’re an Aquarius, you may have had romantic partners complain in the past that you were too closed off or unemotional. Letting a partner know how you are truly feeling is risky but absolutely necessary for a successful relationship.

Look for Air

Aquarians are ruled by the element of air. Other signs ruled by air include Libra and Gemini. An Aquarius tends to find that she is a good match with people who are born under Libra or Gemini. Air signs tend to be ruled by their brains instead of their hearts. You may connect well intellectually with a Libra or Gemini and may find that dating one will allow you to have the freedom and independence you crave. Since air signs share the emotional detachment that plagues you as an Aquarius, you may find that you both have to work extra hard to connect on a deeper level.

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