Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds


A 10th birthday marks a special moment in a child’s life, where many of the younger games and toys do not suffice but teenage-level amusements are not appropriate. Accommodate a child’s wishes for a 10th birthday party by brainstorming on the party’s theme, activities, location and guest list. Children at this age feel like they should have a voice in what happens in their lives, particularly for something as significant as a birthday party. However, all party planning should meet with final parental approval.


At-home tween birthday parties often have a special attraction, such as a backyard movie projected on a sheet, a water fight or a karaoke machine. Parties in local parks and playgrounds may include a barbecue or a group bicycle ride. For people with a larger budget, off-site parties may feature a visit to a paint-your-own-pottery studio, a sleepover at a campsite, or an extreme sports adventure at a rock-climbing gym or a laser tag spot.


A 10-year-old may not want a party to feel childish but will still desire the classic trappings of a birthday party. Decorate with style by choosing a color scheme or a bright mix of patterns. Interactive menu items, such as making s’mores, topping your own cupcakes or cooking individual bagel pizzas, entertain this age group. Have your child plan a soundtrack for the party to keep the mood festive.


Most 10-year-olds appreciate extra attention on their birthdays. Have guests doodle on and sign a large card or poster that the guest of honor can keep as a memento. Print out photographs of your child through the ages and glue them on a banner.


Activity-based parties work well for 10-year-olds. Set up a homemade spa day, in which guests create and use beauty concoctions. Enlist the help of friends to create carnival-style games to play in the backyard. Supply guests with blank T-shirts to tie-dye. Stage a neighborhood treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. Transform your home into a haunted house with creepy sound effects.


Tween birthday parties can quickly sour without proper supervision. Children of this age tend to separate into cliques, which can exclude others. Pace activities so that children stay interested in the party and each other, and provide calming backup activities such as doing a craft or watching a video.

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