The Best Love Match for a Pisces Woman


Women born in the last week of February and the first three weeks of March were born under the sign of Pisces, the fish. Pisces women tend to be characterized as imaginative and dreamy souls. If you are a Pisces, you may find that you have been unlucky in love before, perhaps because you were overly sensitive to your partner’s remarks or felt rejected by him. As a Pisces, you’ll do better in love if you stop letting the little things get to you and start looking for someone whose soul you can relate to.

A Soul Mate

As a Pisces woman, you may find that you are looking for your soul mate and that you won’t settle for anyone less. The best love match for you is a partner with whom you connect not only on the physical and emotional levels but on a spiritual level as well. Your soul mate will be a partner who seems to get exactly where you are coming from and who understands all your odd quirks and sensitivities.

Opposites Attract

A Pisces woman may find success if she finds a partner who is a Virgo. On the zodiac chart, Pisces and Virgo are directly opposite each other and the two signs usually have opposite traits. Where Pisces is a dreamer, Virgo tends to be practical. Pisces is ruled by water, while Virgo is ruled by earth. Because water tends to nourish and feed Earth, a Pisces and Virgo match is likely to succeed, as long as Virgo is attuned to Pisces’ sensitivities and able to put aside his rationality to connect with her spiritually.

A Stable Partner

Not only is Pisces water, but she is mutable water, meaning that she is likely to change her mind frequently or flit from one idea to the next. Your best love match as a Pisces woman is a person who can provide some stability in your life. On the other side, your ability to be flexible and to see multiple sides of an argument will help you support a partner who is rigid and stubborn.

Water Goes With Water

One way to find a partner who will connect with you spiritually is to look for a person who is also ruled by the element of water. Signs ruled by water tend to be connected to their emotions and are likely to connect with you emotionally. A person born under Cancer, another water sign, tends to be good at taking the lead in a relationship and will give you the support and encouragement you need. Scorpio, another water sign, will also prove to be a good, stable match.


Since you are often led by your emotions, you may make a few bad love choices. You may feel an initial spark with a person who has a dominant personality or who is not aware of your emotional needs. Although such a relationship may be fun for a time, you may end up hurt in the end, especially if you let a dominant partner call the shots and he ultimately ends up leaving you behind.



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