Easy Craft Projects for Kids


Kids are creative. They love to create their own objects and decorate them in a way that suits their interests and expresses their personal flair. Let kids take control of the next project by letting them go crazy with glitter, accessories and any sort of craft supply. It may be a mess, but the personal satisfaction and the hours of entertainment are worth it.


To make the crafts easy for kids, a base will give kids the structure for their project. You can use basic shapes, such as circles, stars and hearts, cut out from poster board. Kids can then decorate these as they would like. Stop by the craft store for foam shapes and wooden cut-outs that children can decorate. Cut a hole in the top of these and string a ribbon through to make a wall hanging or ornament.


If you want kids to make something more useful than a decoration, give kids a foundation they can use. For instance, paper mache, wooden, ceramic or plastic boxes can be used as jewelry boxes or toy containers. Kids can also decorate school supplies, such as binders, folders and pencil boxes. They can even craft clothing, such as headbands, barrettes, canvas shoes, sandals, bracelets and other accessories. Canvas tote bags work well for boys and girls to haul their toys and other entertainment.

The Goods

The most exciting part of the crafting process is the bounty of decorations you bring to the table. Provide acrylic paint and foam brushes for covering and little brushes for detailing. Little gems, pearls and sequins are great for girls making jewelry boxes or other feminine items. Permanent markers in a rainbow of colors make a less messy way of coloring your items. You can also use some glue to attach some tissue paper, construction paper, ribbon and fabric.

Stick To It

Use a solid glue to make sure the supplies attach to the base of the craft. Everything falling off next week is just an invitation for tears and frustration. A simple school glue will work fine for paper. For more 3-D items, use a tacky glue available at craft stores. Older kids will be able to use a hot glue gun which will really guarantee adhesion.

Get It Together

If your kids love to craft, you may be best off creating a plastic bin full of supplies. Visit the craft store often and purchase basics on sale so your children have options when they are ready. Don’t forget a reusable plastic tablecloth to protect your table and house.



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