6-Year-Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Six-year-old girls are complicated. They fancy themselves grown up, learning to read and developing concepts on their own, but they are still dependent on adults and looking for guidance from you. Choose a theme and party concept that allows girls to try new things and experience new ideas without leaving them totally on their own for entertainment.


Look for themes that entertain your child’s interests and challenge her slightly. For instance, if she likes to help in the kitchen, you might consider a baking or cooking theme. If she likes fairy tale, a storybook theme might work well. If she loves animals, a zoo or biology theme might work.


Choose activities that children do on their own, with some guidance and leadership from you. Cooking themes are ideal for these kinds of activities. Line your kids up around the table or kitchen island. Have ingredients already chopped, measured and ready for use in the recipe. Have kids follow you as you demonstrate the recipe. They can munch on the treats they make. If your kitchen isn’t ready for this level of entertainment, look for a local kids’ cooking school. They may have all the ingredients, a teacher and can clean up afterward.


If your kids are enjoying a hands-on activity, you may want to keep the guest list small. If you invite too many children, it will be more difficult to give one-on-one help to each child. This can cause frustration to those who don’t understand the instructions or fall behind in the project. If you have enough hands to help and few kids participating, you can move through the recipe or other project as a group and keep everyone having fun. Since your daughter is turning 6, you can institute a rule of inviting only six girls.


Since your 6-year-old is starting to learn to read, she may enjoy trying out her new skills at her party. As she opens each gift, let her read each card or at least acknowledge the giver of each gift. If the guests are also learning to write, they might enjoy signing their names and a little note to a poster or puzzle for the birthday girl.


Send each girl home with a book about the project or theme of the party. Zoo parties may include an animal book. Cooking parties may have cookbooks or even a little packet with the recipe you created.



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