Differences Between Real & Fake Gucci Handbags

There’s nothing like a designer handbag to make a woman feel pulled-together. Gucci, in particular, is one of the most popular handbag designers. There’s also nothing like the astronomical prices of such handbags. For that reason, many women look for a deal or a bargain when shopping for designer handbags. Unfortunately, if these women aren’t careful, what they might get a fake instead of a deal.


It’s a misconception that all replica Gucci bags are shabbily made. In reality, counterfeiters are getting smarter and paying closer attention to detail, according to the “Seattle Post-Intelligencer.” In fact, it sometimes takes an expert to tell the difference. You can’t always tell by the price, either. While you might think that a fake bag is much cheaper than a real one (which is usually the case), sometimes counterfeit bags will also sell for hundreds of dollars. Don’t rely solely on quality and price when determining if a Gucci bag is real or fake, because there might not be much of a difference in those things at all.


Sometimes, it is fairly easy to identify a fake Gucci vs. a real Gucci handbag. The stitching on some bags is an obvious giveaway. Real Gucci bags will have tight, small, neat stitches throughout the bag, even in hard-to-see places, such as inner pockets. Real Gucci handbags are also made of soft, supple leather. They are not made of fabric, nor will they feel stiff, like many fake handbags. Fake Gucci bags may also look faded, discolored or water-damaged.


One of the most obvious ways to tell the difference between a real and fake Gucci handbag is to look at the logo. First of all, real Gucci bags do not contain the logo anywhere on the outside of the bag. You have to take a close look at the inside of the lining to find the logo. Secondly, the letter “G” on the logo should very obviously be a “G”. Many replicas feature “G”s that look much more like “E”s. In addition, if the logo is blurry, crooked or just messy-looking, it is probably a fake.


Carefully study the packaging and accessories. Designers pay close attention to packaging and will carefully wrap and pack your bag in high-quality materials. Check out the dust bag as well. Gucci would never use a flimsy, lightweight or cheap-looking dust bag, according to the “Seattle Post-Intelligencer.”


Fake Gucci bags usually have all the features of real bags, with a few notable differences. The labels on real and fake Gucci handbags are often noticeably different. On real Gucci bags, the label will contain no misspellings, and it will be carefully sewn in. Gucci counterparts, on the other hand, often have cheap hanging tags, according to the “Seattle Post-Intelligencer.”



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