Cool Dress-Up Games for Kids

From placing their moms’ purses on their shoulders to trying on their dads’ sunglasses, kids use dress-up to mimic the people in their lives and they people they see on television. As children get older, it’s important for parents to encourage dress-up play through games that help children learn about the world around them.

Types of Dress-Up Games

Scholastic offers a game idea that combines Musical Chairs and Hot Potato. Have children sit in a circle and place a big filled with dress-up clothes in the center of the circle. Play music while the children pass a ball around the circle. When the music stops, the kid who has the ball in his hand, must get a clothing item from the bag (no peeking) and put it on. Play until there are no more clothing pieces in the bag. The child wearing the fewest clothing items from the bag wins.

Get your kids geared up for a dress-up relay, as described by Family Education. To play this game, you need two suitcases or boxes filled with a variety of dress-up clothes. Place the boxes of clothes on one side of the room, or backyard and split players into at least two teams in a neat line on the opposite side of the boxes. When you say “Go,” the first runner for each team takes off toward the boxes of clothes. Once he reaches the clothes, he has to put on every item in the box, remove the items and then run to the opposite side to tag his teammate. The first team to complete the race wins.

There are also a variety of online dress-up games suitable for children on websites, such as Dress Up Games, My Own Super Hero, Girl Sense and Dress Up Mix.

Creating a Dress-Up Box

Create a dress-up box for your kid using a large cardboard box, suitcase or storage bin. Fill the box with old clothing items, such as suit jackets, neckties, jewelry, hats, scarves and shoes. Collect old, unused items from members of your household to include in the box.

Imagination and Creativity

Dress-up games offer children an opportunity to get creative by using their imaginations. The Preschooler Today website cites dress-up play as one of the most important types of play in a child’s life, because it teaches kids self-confidence, social skills and vocabulary skills.

Dress-Up With Friends, Or Alone

The best thing about playing cool dress-up games is that kids can play with a large or small group of friends. Kid can even enjoy the treasures inside their dress-up boxes when they are playing alone.

Expert Insight

In an article on the Education website, child psychologist Dr. Laurie Zelinger cites that dress-up games allow children to experiment, engage in role-playing activities and explore fantasy. She also reveals that dress-up play can tell parents about possible issues the child may be having.



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