Good Ways for a Teen to Lose Weight


Excessive weight is a problem for more than 12.5 million children in the United States, reports WebMD. If your teen is struggling to beat the bulge, you can be instrumental in her ultimate success. While broaching the subject of weight can be difficult, tackling the issue will ultimately be beneficial to your teen as weight loss efforts can improve both her physical and mental health.

Problems for Plump Teens

Teen obesity presents serious problems for sufferers that extend beyond physical problems associated with being overweight. High blood pressure and increased risk of diabetes could also become issues, for example. Teens who are overweight also often suffer emotional effects, such as depression, poor self-image and social isolation, reports WebMD. By helping your teen win her weight battle, you may be able to increase her overall happiness, as well as improve her health.

Role of the Parents

As a mom, you can be instrumental in your teen’s weight loss. recommends that parents concerned about their child’s weight not avoid the issue, but approach it sensitively, talking to their teen about the health issues that can arise from carrying too much excess weight. You can also help your teen by creating a healthy home. Remove the junk foods from your kitchen, and modify your menus so they include more weight-healthy options. These changes will be beneficial to the whole family, not just the teen who needs to lose weight.

Snip Out the Snacks

Many teens consume large quantities of calories between meals by snacking away on chips, chugging soda and eating candy bars. Encourage your teen to put the stops to between meal snacking. Cutting out this unnecessary food consumption is a wonderful way to get on a healthier track.

Ramping Up the Movement

Teens require 60 minutes of physical activity a day to maintain optimum health, reports Suggest some fun yet physically beneficial activities to your teen to increase the likelihood that he will engage in this much-needed activity. Take him to skate parks, roller rinks or water parks, and allow him to see that exercise can be fun.

Succeed with Goal Setting

Your teen may be more likely to stick with her weight loss plan if she has a goal in mind. As she begins her diet modifications and exercise, encourage her to set a goal for herself. Her goal doesn’t have to involve her actual weight, but it could instead be a pair of pants she would like to fit into or a prom dress that she would like to wear to her big night. This goal may be just the motivation she needs to turn down the french fries when she is out with her friends.



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