How to Lose Weight Easily for Kids


As the rate of childhood obesity continues to increase, more moms find themselves seeking ways to help their kids drop the extra pounds. If your child has put on too much weight during his developmental years, you may be eager to help him shed it. While there is no easy fix or magic pill that can rapidly accomplish this task, you can try to make weight loss easier for your child.

Step 1

Stop the weight gain. As KeepKidsHealthy reports, the first step in any child-related weight loss battle is to stop the gain. If your child is on a continual upward spiral, celebrate his leveling off before you begin to move toward weight loss. By acknowledging this weight-related milestone, ensure that your child doesn’t feel overwhelmed and frustrated by weight loss efforts.

Step 2

Set a weight loss goal. Many kids work well when they have a goal in sight. Talk to your kid. Decide upon a reasonable weight loss goal before you begin. Select a goal he can easily accomplish, such as dropping 10 lbs. Picking a goal that isn’t too far from his current weight allows him to experience success early in his weight loss efforts. After he has attained this goal, you can always revise it and add to the weight loss challenge.

Step 3

Replace empty calories with healthy, nutrient-rich foods. Don’t limit your kid’s food consumption, but change the types of foods he is eating. If your kid tells you he’s hungry, give him a few nutritious food options. While he may initially be cranky when he realizes that cookies and chips have been replaced by baby carrots and apples, he will eventually get use to this change.

Step 4

Play chef with your kid. Let your child play a role in his weight loss by inviting him into the kitchen. Plan some healthy recipes, and allow your child to join with you in preparing them. As your child has fun with you in the kitchen, he will likely start to enjoy cooking. In addition, he may be more eager to eat foods that he has had a hand in preparing, even if these foods are healthy.

Step 5

Send the kid out to play. Get your child out of the house as much as possible. Any time that he spends off of the sofa and in the fresh air will be beneficial to his weight loss efforts. If your child seems hesitant to set down the controller or log off the Internet, plan some interesting outdoor games to entice him.

Step 6

Plan physical family time. Don’t expect your kid to go it alone. Instead, be a good role model. Set up family walking dates, take bike trips together or visit area parks and outdoor attractions. As you engage in physical activity with your child, he will begin to see that being fit is important for everyone, and that you are not just picking on him.



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