How to Compare Women’s Hair Regrowth Products

When your hair starts falling out in large chunks, you are probably ready to do anything to get your hair growing again. One stroll down the hair aisle, with dozens of colored boxes of hair growth products, will tell you that there are more than a few choices to choose from. Hair growth is not the type of thing you want to experiment with. You need to find a product that will work and not cause further problems.

Step 1

Visit your dermatologist. Before you buy and use any products, consult with your doctor. He can determine the exact cause of your hair loss. Sometimes, there are underlying medical reasons for the hair loss. Simply applying hair regrowth will not help the problem long term. Wear your favorite hat that will make you feel cute while you wait for the results.

Step 2

Talk with your doctor about your desire for a hair regrowth product and get his suggestion. Ask for a prescription if he has a recommendation. Otherwise, find out if there are specific ingredients you should avoid or look for.

Step 3

Read the side of the product boxes to avoid buying products that have ingredients your dermatologist has told you to avoid.

Step 4

Read the warnings. Some products will warn you that a discontinued or less frequent use of the product will cause you to lose your hair again. If you don’t want to have to rely on a product, try another.

Step 5

Read the directions. Some products are for use on your scalp only. If you have lost your eyebrows also, you may want to look for a similar product that allows you to use it in that area.



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