Does Stress Decrease the Effectiveness of Birth Control Pills?

Birth control pills are a common form of contraception. Many women choose birth control pills because they are an easy method that lets them take a pill and move on with their day. This is great when your schedule is packed and you can’t afford to sit and think about whether you have contraception ready to go. That doesn’t make it stress-proof though. As life fills with stress and frustration, you may find your birth control suffering.


Birth control pills work on their own. You don’t have to do or remember anything throughout the day. You just swallow a pill, and the hormones inside the pill get to work prevent your body from conceiving a baby. You don’t have to remind them or send them a note. They just do it. However, you have to take the pills.


Birth control pills can sometimes cause additional anxiety or stress because of the hormones they deliver every day. If you are susceptible to certain roller coaster emotions, you may not enjoy the extra twist and turns brought by the pill. They may leave you with bad feelings toward the pill and a tendency to leave it out of your routine.


If you have a lot of stress in your life, you may find your immune system failing you. If you get sick, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics or other medication. Some medications interact with pill forms of birth control, rendering them useless. Talk with your doctor before taking medications. You may need to use a backup form of birth control while on the other medication.


Life’s stressors can also cause your schedule to fill up and overflow. As your mind gets distracted with other items, you may find yourself forgetting to take your pill. Any day that you don’t take your pill is a day you can potentially get pregnant. All the other pills are useless if you didn’t take it the day you have intercourse.

Stay on Track

The most effective way to guarantee your pill works and you don’t get pregnant is to remain on schedule with your pills. Use a pill or vitamin dispenser so you remember whether you have taken it each day. Schedule a time to take your pill that remains consistent every day, such as at breakfast or with the alarm clock.



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