How to Get Pregnant After a Miscarriage

After all the excitement, anticipation and hormones of pregnancy, miscarriages can be devastating. Everyone handles the emotions differently. Some need some time to process and prepare for another pregnancy. Others are ready nearly immediately to get started trying and to get pregnant with another. Whichever type of person you are, you should consult with your doctor before and throughout your conception process. He will be the best one to help you determine when your body is ready and able to conceive a child.

Step 1

Talk with your doctor about the length of your miscarried pregnancy. Longer pregnancies may require more time to return to normal.

Step 2

Talk with your partner about both of your emotional responses. Be sure you are both ready before trying to conceive again.

Step 3

Record the first day of your first period after your miscarriage on your ovulation chart. Chart your cycle for one to three months, depending on your doctor’s recommendations.

Step 4

Start trying again once you have a go-ahead from your doctor, your partner, your own intuition and your ovulation chart.



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