How to Exercise After a C-Section

Now that your baby is in your arms, you might be ready to rid your body of those excess pounds you needed to carry your baby. If you had a cesarean section, you know the additional restraints you have that are keeping you from exercise. The surgery’s effects and pain are intense reminders of the warnings from your doctor to take it easy. If you are starting to feel antsy and ready to get back to working out, look for exercises that won’t put too much pressure on your delicate abdominal muscles. Slow, steady exercise is your key to success while you wait for your body to fully heal.

Step 1

Put on a supportive pair of walking shoes. Go on short walks around the neighborhood, maintaining a good posture and walking at a gentle pace. If you need more exercise, go out again a few times during the day. Don’t try to overdo it in one walk.

Step 2

Take a few laps around your house if the weather is inclement. Walk around for just five to 10 minutes at a time. Give yourself plenty of rest.

Step 3

Place an exercise mat on the floor. Lie on your back and bend your knees. Practice lifting your feet off the ground. Alternatively, you can squeeze your hips up off the floor. Do only five to 10 at a time. When you get tired or feel pain, stop. Ask your partner to help you up again or push yourself up with a couch or other stable piece of furniture. You may want to do these on a couch or bed so that you don’t have to strain your stomach to pull up.



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