Easy Halloween Party Foods


Halloween party food doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, many Halloween party foods can be made in just a few steps. Since Halloween parties tend to be costume parties, finger foods can be a smart option. In addition to taking just minutes to make, they aren’t messy to eat and don’t require utensils so your guests will be able to manage them.

Mummy Hot Dogs

Mummy hot dogs are a popular Halloween party food. In addition to having common household staples as ingredients, they look festive when placed on a tray for serving. Mummy hot dogs are made from refrigerated crescent dough, hot dogs and mustard. The dough is cut into strips and wrapped around the hot dogs. A space is left at the top of each hot dog so after baking, eyes can be added using dots of mustard.

Magic Wands

Magic wands can be made in advance and can double as a table centerpiece when placed in a glass vase and set in the middle of a table. To make magic wands, you’ll need pretzel rods, chocolate and sprinkles. After the pretzel rods are dipped into melted chocolate, they’re rolled in Halloween-themed sprinkles. Colored sprinkles can be purchased at grocery stores or you can look for Halloween-themed sprinkles in party-supply stores.

Witches Fingers

Witches fingers are a healthy Halloween party food to serve. Witches fingers are made from string cheese, slivered almonds and marinara sauce. Once each piece of string cheese is cut at a 45-degree angle, a dab of marinara sauce is added and topped with a slivered almond. A butter knife can be used to carve out knuckles and skin lines into the string cheese to make the fingers appear more realistic.

Halloween Popcorn Bowl

Halloween popcorn bowls take less than 10 minutes to make and are a favorite among Halloween party guests who love the combination of salty and sweet. To popcorn, add black and orange candy-coated chocolate pieces, nuts, candy corn and chopped-up pieces of caramel-filled chocolates. Then divide the mixture into orange and black bowls to serve.



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