Provigil Effects on Birth Control Medicines

Provigil contains modafinil, which causes your body and brain to be more alert and active during the day. This is useful for people who suffer from certain sleep disorders that cause them to be drowsy, sleepy, not alert or unresponsive during the day. These sleep disorders include narcolepsy. The drug is also useful for those who need to remain awake at night, for career or other important reasons.

Direct Side Effects

If you consistently work in the night shifts and cannot force yourself awake with caffeine or conventional methods, you may want to talk your doctor about Provigil. However, he should be aware of your hormonal birth control methods. Whether you take a birth control pill, use a vaginal ring or other device or are given a birth control shot, these methods use regular doses of hormones in your body to prevent pregnancy. Some medications–such as Provigil–can inhibit the effectiveness of these hormones in your body. Instead of preventing pregnancy, these hormones may stop working, allowing your reproductive system to be susceptible to pregnancy when you have intercourse.

Indirect Side Effects

Provigil can help your body get into or back into a more regular sleep cycle. If you suffer from certain sleep disorders, this medication can help you function better during the day and sleep better at night. However, due to the stimulating effects of the medication, it could make you less able to sleep well, which could lead to frustration and distraction during the day. When you are distracted, you may forget to take your birth control pill.


If you are on a hormonal birth control when your doctor prescribes Provigil for you, talk to him about the options. Ask him whether you should continue with your birth control or should stop temporarily. Either way, you should consider a back-up form of birth control to guarantee your contraceptive efforts. Otherwise, you may want to remain abstinent for the continuation of your Provigil prescription.



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