Dirt Dessert Recipe for Halloween


Halloween fun for children is all about the ooey, gooey, messy, creepy treats you can make. For children, the scary parts of Halloween aren’t ideal, but children love the icky, sticky parts. A dirt dessert is the perfect tricky snack for kids of all ages. Add your children’s favorite candies and treats that turn your desserts into a Halloween wonderland. Mix and match pudding flavors to make the perfect combination of tastes you will all love. You can make individual snack-size cups or one big dirt dessert cake!

Smash Cookies

Place chocolate sandwich cookies (ie. Oreos) into a zippered plastic bag, and smash them with a mallet. Get into it and pulverize them.

Mix or Layer with Pudding

Mix milk and instant pudding mix, according to the package instructions, in the bowl. Let the pudding mix stand until firm. Mix half of the cookies with pudding or just layer the two — your choice. Spoon the mixture into small containers, and pour the remaining cookies on top.

Decorate With Gummy Worms

Decorate the top of the dirt with gummy worms or other creepy-shaped candies. You can push the bottoms of the worms into the pudding so that it looks as if the worms are crawling around. Get creative. The store is full of bone, headstone, ghost and other shaped candies. Create small vignettes in the cups.



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