Girl’s Costume Ideas


Whether you want to pick an original costume for Halloween or your daughter just likes to dress-up, you can find, assemble or make a variety of fun girls’ costumes. Brainstorm with your daughter, making a list of potential funny, scary, fantastical or beautiful costumes. You can even add a personal touch to a packaged costume or a hand-me-down by embellishing it with a new wig, hat, funky jewelry, striped stockings or face paint.

Beautiful Costumes

Princesses and Disney continue to reign supreme. This year Elsa, Anna and Olaf are definite must-haves although Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a few Cinderellas, Snow Whites, Aurora and Belle. Many girls love ballerinas – always a classic costume. You can give her costume a twist by doing a traditional Chinese, Indian or Mexican regal, dance or festival outfit. Go Egyptian with a Cleopatra ensemble, or keep things magical with fairy wings, a shimmering dress and a wand. Other lavish costumes include creatures like butterflies, tropical birds and ladybugs.

Scary Costumes

With children, always take care when planning scary costumes. You should err on the side of campy or legendary scary as opposed to horror film scary. A witch with a black hat, broom and fake spiders hanging from her dress works well for a little girl. Tap Greek legends with a Medusa costume, identifiable for the snakes projecting from the head. Mexican legend offers folkloric characters such as La Llorona and Calavera Catrina. Other options include the bride of Frankenstein, a vampire, Cruella de Ville, a little red devil or a ghost.

Silly Costumes

Girls with a sense of humor love silly costumes. You can go classic with a clown, complete with a giant nose and big shoes. Use a large box to transform your daughter into a washing machine or a refrigerator. Reference pop culture with costumes such as an M&M, the Pink Panther or a character from a video game. Dress a little girl as Pippi Longstocking, complete with braids sticking out on either side of her head, or as the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Older girls may enjoy inventing a silly costume, such as Super Mermaid, the evil doughnut or the girl on the flying bicycle.



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