Tip on Potty Training Toddler


Your child begins experiencing milestones early in life. These exciting moments include taking his first steps, saying his first words and sleeping through the night. Another important first involves moving from diapers into big boy pants. Although you may eagerly anticipate completing this procedure quickly, your little guy may show some resistance to potty training.

Signs of Readiness

Look for signals that your toddler is ready to begin potty training. She may attempt to tell you that her diaper is wet or soiled. She may also show an interest in the toilet and the bathroom activities of older siblings or adults. Your toddler may begin staying dry for longer periods during the day and may wake up with a dry diaper after naps. While many toddlers begin showing these signs when they are between 18 months and 2 years old, others may not be ready until around 3 years old.

Diaper Duty Record

Before you begin training, keep a chart of the times your toddler requires diaper changes. Although you may not know exactly when he urinates, you should have a good idea of his bowel movements. Making a note of the times he moves his bowels will allow you to anticipate trips to the potty once you begin his training. Keep this chart for about a week to help you determine his regular pattern.

Toilet Introduction

Using words she understands, talk to your child about the purpose of the toilet. Let her flush the toilet and sit on the closed toilet lid while you fix your hair or brush your teeth. Take her shopping for her new potty chair, allowing her to help pick out her special chair. Talk to her about how she will get to use this little chair in the same manner you use the big potty. Allow her to sit, fully clothed, on her potty chair.


Transfer stool from a dirty diaper into his potty chair, explaining that is where he gets to go to the bathroom. Show him how you empty the contents of his potty chair into the big toilet, letting him flush. Encourage him to sit on the potty during the times he usually experiences a bowel movement. Have him pull down his pants and sit on his potty every hour or two. Make this a fun activity by singing songs or reading a special book during these sessions. Praise him when he urinates or has a bowel movement in his potty chair.



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