Gift Ideas for Preschool Teachers


Your child’s preschool teacher invests a lot of time and energy caring for and teaching your child. Since preschool teacher salaries are relatively low, and benefits can be few and far between, your child’s teacher may feel underpaid and unappreciated for the important work she does. Saying “thank you” by giving her a gift demonstrates that you notice and appreciate the dedication and commitment that she’s made to your child.

Money for Continuing Education

Most preschool teachers know the importance of belonging to a professional organization for early childhood educators, but sometimes they can’t afford it. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is the largest organization committed to improving the quality of educational and developmental services provided to young children. Membership in NAEYC provides several benefits, including magazine subscriptions and access to educational conferences and materials at discounted rates. If your child’s preschool teacher is already a member of NAEYC, consider providing her with money to put towards an educational workshop or conference geared toward preschool teachers.

Classroom Gifts

Since preschool budgets can be tight, many preschool teachers do not have all of the resources that they’d like to have in the classroom. In fact, many preschool teachers spend their own money purchasing classroom supplies and decorations. New classroom supplies such as preschool books for the classroom library, toys for dramatic or sensory play, and arts and crafts supplies may be gifts your child’s preschool teacher will truly appreciate.

Handmade Gifts

Giving a gift that was handmade for the preschool teacher adds a personal and sentimental touch. Mugs with students’ handprints, art creations, framed photos, Christmas ornaments, homemade goodies and other items that can be personalized are popular gifts for preschool teachers. Many paint-your-own-pottery studios have usable items, such as plates, clocks, paperweights and mugs, which can be hand painted by preschool-aged children and then glazed and baked to create a professional-looking finish.



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