Easy Mother’s Day Art Projects

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or have a lot of artistic talent to work with a child to make crafts for Mother’s Day. Often, you have all the supplies you need right at home. Easy Mother’s day art projects make great gifts or can be a project to do with mom on her day.

Paper Sack Mom

A variation of the paper sack puppet, using a brown lunch bag, you can make a puppet that looks like mom. With the bottom of the bag as the face, use markers, paint, and other craft supplies for your child to make his image of his mom. Glue colored yarn to the back for hair. Doilies, ribbons and buttons glued to the front can make mom’s dress.


Any empty glass jar can be made into a colorful vase for holding flowers. For this, you’ll need a mixture of equal parts flour and water, colored tissue paper and the glass jar with any labels removed. The child can then rip the tissue paper into any size and shapes she wants. Once the paper is ready, dip it into the paste and press it to the outside of the glass jar. Once the jar is covered, it takes only a couple of hours to dry.

Paint Some Pottery

Painting your own pottery has been made much easier by studios such as Color Me Mine. At a pottery studio, children can choose from a selection of pre-made pottery to paint. Often, around holidays such as Mother’s Day, pottery painting studios will have a selection of objects just for the occasion. Once painted, the studio staff fires the pottery for you and it’s ready to pick up in a few days.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Turn any gift, whether it’s the child’s creation or store bought, into a personalized art project with handmade wrapping paper. For this project, use any paper sack. By cutting the seams of the bag and removing the bottom of the paper sack, you have wrapping paper ready to go. To personalize this Mother’s Day gift paper, have your child make hand prints on the paper or draw pictures on it before wrapping the gift.



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