How to Compost Pet Waste


Though you often hear that you shouldn’t add pet waste to your compost bin, it seems like such a waste to throw it out. Pet waste, however, can contain toxins that may be harmful to people, so you don’t want to use it in your vegetable garden. However, you can still compost your pet waste, allowing it to naturally give your yard nutrients. You simply need to set up a separate system to handle only pet waste.

Step 1

Use the saw to cut the bottom out of the large bin.

Step 2

Locate an area of your yard to place the pet waste composter. It should be at least 100 yards from your garden and from any sources of water.

Step 3

Dig a hole large enough for the plastic bin. The top 2 or 3 inches can be visible so that you can place the lid on it.

Step 4

Place large rocks in the bottom of the hole to allow for drainage.

Step 5

Insert the bin into the hole. Fill the edges with extra dirt so that the bin doesn’t move.

Step 6

Add septic starter and water to the bin.

Step 7

Throw your pet’s waste into your new pet waste bin. Replace the lid after each visit. As time passes, the waste will decompose and seep into the ground around the bin.



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