Beyonce & Jennifer Garner Join Sheryl Sandberg To Empower Our Daughters


When a woman is described as “bossy,” do you hear it as a compliment? Do you admire her assertiveness? Probably not. 

Lean In author (and Facebook COO) Sheryl Sandberg wants to ban the five-letter word that’s been used for too long to tear down women and girls who like to take charge. 
And Beyonce is helping her. 
The pop superstar has joined Jennifer Garner, Condoleeza Rice and other powerful voices to promote’s new “Ban Bossy” campaign:
More than 100,000 people have already signed an online pledge to stop using the B-word and thousands more have shared the campaign page on social media. 
“We too were called bossy as girls. Decades later, the word still stings, and we remember the sentiments it evoked: Keep your voice down. Don’t raise your hand. Don’t take the lead. If you do, people won’t like you,” Sandberg wrote in a post on LinkedIn
“We’re talking about getting rid of the negative messages that hold our daughters back.”



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