Top 5 Educational Preschool Apps!


Now that the weather’s getting colder, you can’t force your child to go out and play anymore. Hmm…what could keep them busy, help them learn something and be fun at the same time? Try out some of these apps (links below)!

Colors, Shapes & More Flash Action

School Zone’s Colors, Shapes & More Flash Action iPad app is designed to prep your kids for school. It will teach them to count up to 12 and identify basic shapes, colors and objects through play. It’s got playful music, animated characters and even says encouraging words. Great for kids 3 and up!

Preschool Pencil-Pal: Learning Game

This app combines all the great elements of several different learning apps. It has coloring games, learning games, puzzles and videos. Loveable barnyard characters, like Sherman Sheep, will lead your kid through different skills one at a time. Help your preschooler with basic skills like beginning letter sounds, counting, and recognizing shapes and colors. You can rest-assured your kid is not only playing, but learning at the same time!

Memory Match Games

Help your child develop his spatial reasoning, visual perception, attention, vocabulary, memory and problem solving skills with this app! They won’t even realize they’re learning because they’ll be having such a blast!

Splish Splash Inn

Help your kid learn how to count by downloading this underwater hotel adventures app! If your kid is fascinated by sea creatures, then this app will really grab their attention. You can even set the app for different languages like Spanish and French, so once your kid has mastered counting in English, move on to another language!

Glow Doodle

You can cultivate your preschooler’s artistic skills with this app. They can draw any picture they want, and once they press “glow”, their artwork turns into a fun light glow effect. You can even save your little Picasso’s drawings and share them with others! Creative and fun!

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