Fourth of July Games for Kids


The Fourth of July is an all American holiday, celebrating the America’s independence and the free spirit of summer. If you are hosting an outdoor barbecue or poolside get-together, you can plan some games to celebrate the holiday. Whether your games are just for the kids or for the whole family, your party is sure to be a blast.


The history of the holiday provides plenty of themes for your party games. The Fourth of July celebrates the Declaration of Independence, the outcome of the Revolutionary War, and America’s heritage. Your games might feature costumes of the founding fathers, the flag, major milestones in the United States, or other key events or personalities. The games can also use the traditional themes, such as flags, barbecues, fireworks, and parades.


Flags are a great item to have on hand for games. You can use them to cheer on your favorite team or to use them as relay tools. Kids can move them from place to place or set them up in a certain design. You can also use flags to make the borders of your game area. Buckets are great for the Fourth of July games. You can find small and large brightly colored pails. Buy red, white, and blue buckets for storing items or shipping them from place to place during a relay.

Splish Splash

The Fourth of July falls in the middle of summer, a hot time in most parts of the United States. Take advantage of the weather with some water-based games. Red, white, and blue water balloons make risky balls to toss between players or toss in a game of dodgeball. Water guns make great ammunition for a full-on water war.


The heat can make games difficult. Even when you are playing water games, have plenty of drinking water on hand. Games will compel kids, and adults, to exert themselves more than they otherwise might. Give some sanctioned breaks by setting up a historical question or guessing game. Ask everyone to sit in the shade, drink some water or juice, and take turns guessing the dates, places and people involved in the history of the United States.


You can encourage excitement and patriotism in the prizes you give out. Hand out flags, pinwheels, bunting, and other items for Independence Day decorations. Red, white, and blue water bottles and coolers encourage kids to stay hydrated while they are active during the summer. You can also hand out books about the holiday.




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