Easy Halloween Cookie Recipe


Halloween cookies don’t have to be complicated to make. In fact, some of the easiest Halloween cookie recipes don’t even require an oven for baking. The most festive and flavorful Halloween cookies are often simple to make. The easiest Halloween cookies to make tend to be no-bake, made from common ingredients and can be made in just a few minutes. If you’re looking for easy-to-make Halloween cookies, try making Witch Hats.

Step 1

Place shortbread cookies–chocolate side up–on a flat surface. A cookie sheet placed on the kitchen table can create a usable workspace.

Step 2

Attach the candy to the cookie. Place a squirt of decorative icing on the base of the chocolate candy. Press the candy into the center of the cookie so that it sticks to it.

Step 3

Pipe a bow around the candy. Using the decorative icing, pipe a line of icing around the base of the chocolate candy where it is attached to the cookie. For an added touch, use the icing to pipe a small bow on the base of one side of the candy.


  • Making the bows on the hats may cause frustration. If the bows are causing your difficulty, they can be omitted.



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